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  1. What type of bow do you shoot?
  2. New GNAS Website
  3. Field or Target.
  4. GNAS Tournament Locations
  5. should women shoot a 90meter FITA the same as the men if they want to?
  6. Warm Up
  7. Warm-up Wam-down
  8. Coaching
  9. Units of Measure
  10. What weight recurve do you draw (men)?
  11. What weight recurve do you draw (women)?
  12. How long in the sport
  13. Where are we all?
  14. what brand of bow do you shoot ?
  15. How is your indoor season going so far
  16. December 2005 Round Aiuk League Xmas Shoot
  17. How did you arrive here?
  18. Chat Night
  19. Tournament Raffles and Entry Fees
  20. Left Handed or Right Handed
  21. mental training
  22. FITA 18 - 3 spot face
  23. Foc?
  24. Tiller
  25. Arrows weight
  26. Whos shooting at N.Wales and should we where badges
  27. Drinking
  28. Hunting with bows
  29. Smoking Ban
  30. AIUK Merchandise
  31. to sum or not to sum..that is the question...
  32. What kind of club do you shoot with?
  33. What's Your Stance?
  34. Pre-shoot decisions...
  35. How do you shoot?
  36. What type of disipline do you shoot?
  37. AIUK Skins
  38. How many members does your club have?
  39. Where do you go to get your online archery fix?
  40. AIUK Age Distribution
  41. what kind of tab do you use?
  42. Who aims off in a wind?
  43. What is archery to you?
  44. How good are you?
  45. What Vane do you use
  46. The Best Doctor?
  47. Rain Practice
  48. Rename the chatroom
  49. What day/s does your club practice?
  50. Extenders
  51. When you were a beginner
  52. Do you regulary shoot full rounds?
  53. How often do you change your cables?
  54. Chatroom Name Showdown - Vote NOW!
  55. Poll (of sorts) - What message with the flowers for Mel?
  56. Grand Prix American Round
  57. How long is a poll
  58. what kind of sight pin do you use?
  59. What happens to your recent beginners?
  60. How many arrows do you shoot a week?
  61. Are you a "serious" archer?
  62. Where do you buy?
  63. How much does the weather cost?
  64. Archery Item Most Linked To Progress
  65. What type of hook do you use
  66. what competitions do you shoot?
  67. Bring it into the open or not?
  68. When to move to a clicker?
  69. How Many Archery Clubs?
  70. How Many Bows
  71. How much do you charge for a 6 week beginners course
  72. What is your annual cost for joining the club
  73. How Vital Is A Website To An Archery Club
  74. Favorite Rounds
  75. What is your indoor venue?
  76. What style do you shoot?
  77. What would you do ?
  78. Does your Club produce a newsletter?
  79. How long ago did you become an archer?
  80. Does your club benefit from AIUK threads?
  81. Archery - Alone or Together?
  82. Where do you draw the line with the weather?
  83. Which rounds do you prefer: Imperial or Fita
  84. Most arrows shot in a day
  85. Arrow Numbering
  86. what shooting do you like better?
  87. which arrows do you shoot with
  88. Time on the line
  89. Does you club have its own facilities???
  90. Phat Indoor Spines
  91. Compound Versus Recurve
  92. Scale of problem for unregistered bows
  93. What do you think will be the first perfect 12-doz round?
  94. Reenactors- who and when ?
  95. Bowman rounds
  96. Back Tension Trigger - Recurve/Compound
  97. Do stabilisers REALLY make a difference?
  98. Are you a left or right-handed
  99. Optimum Target Distance
  100. Wat(recurve) stablizers ... ?
  101. Bow for field archery
  102. What nock type do you use on A/C arrows?
  103. How to achieve a classification?
  104. Do you shoot more than one type of bow?
  105. Are you being coached?
  106. GNAS medal handicap improvement
  107. Prize money at competitions
  108. Paying to shoot indoors
  109. How far do you travel to compete?
  110. Who would like to go bowhunting?
  111. How Often Do You Shoot?
  112. AIUK Ironman Publicity
  113. Would you buy AIUK Logo Arrow Wraps?
  114. Who teaches your Clubs Beginner's Courses?
  115. One eye or two?
  116. Do You Compete?
  117. Club Days: GNAS Colours or not?
  118. Archery theme calendars
  119. Most you have reduced your handicap by in a year....
  120. Why did you take up archery?
  121. AIUK SCoCo shoot in June
  122. New Years Resolutions
  123. New AIUK Social Shoots.
  124. Become a Coach?
  125. What is your affiliation?
  126. Recurve and Compound Coach Qualification?
  127. How do you get your TV
  128. the bad novel....
  129. What Arrow Would You Choose Now
  130. So what is a gold, a nine or ten or both?
  131. Beard / tash / clean shaven?
  132. did you fill in the GNAS questionnaire?
  133. Deep Hook Or Not??:confused:
  134. Classification up/down or no change?
  135. National Outdoor Championships - What round?
  136. Longbows at the national Champs
  137. another soma saker thread
  138. What's your recurve arrow speed ?
  139. How far will you travel to shoot this summer?
  140. Does the colour of your string affect your scores?
  141. The best way to score a tournament.
  142. What Size is your Club?
  143. Our standing in the archery community should be based on?
  144. are you a pair ?
  145. What's more important to you?
  146. Where is everyone from?
  147. Smoking at outdoor Competitions
  148. What sort of Competitions are you doing
  149. Compounders - is the gold in focus at 90/70m?
  150. Butt wind protection
  151. Should Archers Mart reopen
  152. themed clout shoot - is it a good idea ? and would you come ?
  153. Spend more on riser or limbs
  154. recurve archers - your anchor ?
  155. Record Status Shoot Very Early Season
  156. club fees / target fees ?
  157. Train the Brain
  158. Terms and conditions for visitors?
  159. How do you view posts?
  160. What else are you?
  161. Coaching Days
  162. Are you Wiki Wise or Not
  163. UK GNAS Classifications/second addition
  164. Withdrawal Of Coaching/teaching Activity
  165. Raising The Profile Of Archery
  166. What's this forum worth to you?
  167. New topic for bow collectors/historians
  168. Tuners or Single Rods
  169. Merlin Archery (fun)
  170. A dilemma...
  171. in theory - whats your personal optimum arrow setup ?
  172. Should I shoot this weekend???
  173. Which Arrows do diffrent classes use?
  174. undecided on sights
  175. Should we have a Forum for Tournament Scores?
  176. Sexiest Bow Colour
  177. Which is harder - FITA or York?
  178. Training Aid
  179. Indoor archery - Just something to do during the winter?
  180. Bacon Butties
  181. British Target Champs - Poll
  182. How many qualified coaches do you have in your club?
  183. FITA Compound Limit
  184. Coaches only - what classification are you?
  185. left or right handed?
  186. Beginners equipment
  187. recurve or compound
  188. Should Archers be selected for GB based on performance only?
  189. Best colour for nocks?
  190. what class are you
  191. recurve - how heavy ?
  192. Is Laura the Worlds most Beautiful Archer?
  193. Shooting in the wind
  194. Soma Saker Tab Colour
  195. Bow poundage
  196. Does Maid Marion look like a Fish
  197. Should AIUK have Thread like 'THE THREAD' on AT
  198. How does your club get most of its new members
  199. Defending Champions - Should they be given extra time to enter a competition?
  200. Premium Tent Line Places
  201. If you could only use one Archery dealer, who would it be?
  202. Poppy Appeal Banner on AIUK
  203. Coaching - Where do you get your main coaching and mentoring?
  204. Help me choose some arrows
  205. Trophy Taker 1 or 2
  206. What mental routine do you use?
  207. Is Archery a Family Activity?
  208. Should GNAS invite a high profile person to be 'Guest of Honour' (Lady/Lord P)
  209. Leader Boards, good or bad?
  210. recurve archers - what style of tab do you use ?
  211. Follow on from are you over bowed
  212. How many Davids....
  213. Soma Saker I Tab in Use Review
  214. Fletches or Fletchings?
  215. Have you tried a Back Tension Release Aid?
  216. What Bosses does your club use?
  217. When did you last have your eyes tested?
  218. Do you make & fit your own strings?
  219. Compound Archers. Does your nose touch the string?
  220. Do you follow your competitors results?
  221. recurve archers - whats your stab setup ?
  222. is this normal?
  223. recurve archers - indoors - fat or skinny ?
  224. Does your club use a computer for scoring and tournament admin?
  225. How many CRB checks
  226. compound
  227. How many Open tournaments has your club organised in 2007?
  228. how do you fletch ?
  229. recurve archers - bracing height ?
  230. How far ahead do you plan your archery diary?
  231. One eye, two eyes, or a patch?
  232. What Kind of Recurve String
  233. How far will you travel to a tournament this year?
  234. Part set ACE and X10 register DONT VOTE BLIND!!!
  235. Do you think using PayPal to pay for entries is a good idea?
  236. Equipment Maintenance - do you have a routine?
  237. Thoresby 50 Mugs. A good idea?
  238. Reversals...
  239. Olympic Compound
  240. What would you consider to be your main bow type.
  241. how many arrows in your quiver?
  242. your tab - OBeron or leather ?
  243. What Should Count For British Ranking?
  244. Should our Olympic Archers agree to abide by Section 51 of the IOC's charter?
  245. Awards in two or more disciplines
  246. Should Manufacturers be allowed to Sponsor at Association Level or only Individuals?
  247. Next Years AIUK Round Compound Division.
  248. Should GNAS Clubs have to run a minimum number of Open Shoots per year?
  249. Do spine charts need to be re-looked at?
  250. Is the FITA 25m a Redundant Indoor Round?