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English Archers adventure's

Tales of target archery

  1. quick fix archery

    by , 08-05-09 at 08:58 PM (English Archers adventure's)
    Reading back over my last few posts this morning before work (as I often do) the part of the last entry that struck me was "Learning to shoot compound properley" That set me thinking what did I mean by that ? well Ive had all day to think about it this the concusion I reached Im not saying it's right it's just my opinion.

    A lot of people switch to compound because they see it as an easy way to up their scores/classification they make the switch the scores jump up by a 100 ...
  2. Blowey york wet windsor ?

    by , 07-05-09 at 06:37 PM (English Archers adventure's)
    Well it's taken me a few days to get round to writing this entry sunday morning saw me and the compound kid up early and off to lincoln to shot a york for me and a first ever bristol 2 for daniel.
    We arrived on the field to find the trees nearly bent double with the wind that was blowing left to right across the targets.
    Back when I was shooting recurve I never had a problem shooting in any weather conditions so I wasnt to worried . . .

    Until we got to the sighters ...
  3. New P.B. and new goals

    by , 14-04-09 at 07:45 PM (English Archers adventure's)
    Well thats the first york of the year out of the way,It wasnt a bad day to shoot very still, overcast a little bit damp and quite chilly most of the day.
    I now have a york compond P.B. of 929 so as you can see I didnt manage to hit the 1000 mark I had set myself as a goal, oh well that goal remains but I now have several new goals to work towards to reach that goal.
    Ok the things that cost me points

    1. inexperience with my bow outdoors-
    not knowing how the weather ...
  4. It's all about the goals

    by , 07-04-09 at 08:51 PM (English Archers adventure's)
    I managed to get down the field tonight after work and confirmed my sight marks for 40,60,80 and 100 yards so thats another short term goal reached.
    Ive found that from a young age I have always performed better by setting myself long term goals with some short term goals to act as stepping stones to get me to the big goals.
    For example the goal on the horizion at the moment is to shoot well (1000+) on monday at the york round,To get me there the short term goals are confirm sight marks,blank ...
  5. One week count down

    by , 06-04-09 at 07:54 PM (English Archers adventure's)
    Well here we are one week till the first york of the year and my first ever with the compound.And it is at a shoot that has special meaning for me the easter monday York,Hereford and Bristols at Friskney bowmen was the first competion I ever shot, I shot a bristol 2 and scored 599 (yes I still have the score card)although Im hoping for a little higher than that this monday
    To be honest I am feeling quite laid back about it all, Whatever happens Im going to come home with a P.B.
    Im ...
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