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  1. starter for 10

    Week 2 of my get fitter campaign has started.

    This weeks spinning session was a lot harder. Unlike last weeks where I was part passenger, this one felt every minute and my leg muscles in particular got a much bigger workout.

    I'm still a way off being able to burn all the way through, but I could really feel my leg muscles and heart working.

    I weighed exactly what I did last week - 94kg so no magic weight loss!!

    I think I'll go to the gym ...
  2. And the start of the nerves....

    This evening we were shooting a Worcester as a handicap round. What this generally means is that I would need to score about 320/300 to have a chance of winning. What I did have was the chance to clean the round and to get my club record for the round back.

    Something that I noticed straight away were the butterflies. This was partly due to the fact that I know I should be able to clean the round and partly something I guess I'm going to be feeling whenever I'm shooting for the next ...
  3. Last nights shooting.....

    TO be honest, I wasn't expecting too much last night....

    I wanted to score another P/mouth round for various comps, then its was onto the Hungarian.

    My previous best for the month was 538 (last week), and even that was ropey scoring. For some reason the arrows were tending to go to the right. When I tried my carbons...again they were all grouping to the right (inc. bareshafts). Shot for a bit on Sunday, and again arrows landing to the right. So last night I was ...
  4. To my scattered body go

    I built my new bow on Sunday morning - a very nice silver/black painted Petron Pro riser with the 38lb limbs.

    I spent most of the time getting the alignment spot on.

    I struggled all morning to get a sweet shot going and the bow had an unpleasant harsh feel to it (and was noisy in a bangy kind of way).

    On Tuesday I collected my new Copper John sight (in silver) and popped into Chiltern in the afternoon to have a quick shoot.

    I weighed the ...
  5. All quiet on the Swansea Uni front? (Not so!)

    Just realised how long it's been since I posted anything, so figured I'd give people a bit of an update how things are going.

    End of Janurary saw the Welsh Champs.. in which the score wasn't stunning, but with all things taken into consideration, was ok (considering I found out the day before that Miranda had already got into a relationship with someone else)


    After actually managing to tune my bow on squad (ok.. actually taking the time to ...