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The Yorkshire Bacon Sandwich.......

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Yet another weekend spent hunting the elusive perfect bacon sandwich. archery_mum tells me it is actually for her to shoot in competitions but I wonder which tree she thinks I fell out of

If proof were needed it came in the way that the YAA organisers had put Wendy on a target directly in front of the catering tent for Saturday's FITA Star. We had to leave home at 5.15 on Saturday morning and despite some very good directions I still managed to miss the diversion and head off up North. A quick turn around and we managed to negotiate the road works to get into the Wetherby venue. Lots of people had been camping over so it was a quick dash to pitch Wendy's popup ready for the catering tent opening. LMP (Tracy) came across with Star to say hello. I was planning to kidnap Star but Wendy said there wasn't enough room in the time though!

I think I was second in the queue for the Bacon sandwiches and it was sooooo nice I think I was also the third person in the queue going back for another.

I decided to register to take some piccies as it can get a bit boring hanging around all day. Wendy was having a bad 70m but so were others. The wind didn't look too bad until you actually looked down the target line and saw a couple of flags blowing in the opposite direction to the others. Once 70m was over the light wind seemed to change for the better as Wendy started to pick up a bit. After another Bacon sandwich I recovered my strength to go and look at the leaderboard. For the rest of the day it seemed to swap between Wendy and Claudine Jennings. Wendy wasn't taking any interest as she just wanted a reasonable score. She ended on 1345 to take the win but more importantly get her 2nd GMB score. We bumped into TJ again and I also got to meet Furface. After the presentation it was straight on the road to McDonalds for supper. Finally getting back around 10.30pm

Great day out in Yorkshire, 3rd visit of this year and every event has been a pleasure to attend.

Sunday saw the Friskney York, Hereford and Bristols. I was part of the field party and scorer and Wendy was shooting. Another really good day except that Phil_r forgot to bring extra supplies of cheese Phil's daughter Sarah had just joined Friskney so she was shooting for the 'home team' for the first time. A good mix from around the County made for a very friendly shoot. English_archer had a particularly good day, retaining all his fletches and doubling his PB for a York. There were lots of good scores and Wendy finished on a new PB for a Hereford of 1286, 6 more than her GB record. A quick clear up and it was home for bacon sandwiches.... unfortunately we don't have any at Friskney but it is something we are looking in to.........

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  1. Little Miss Purple's Avatar
    I opted for the sausage & bacon mix... delicious!!

    The catering raised about 500 towards squad training expenses... so a big thanks to all involved in the buying & selling!!
  2. Watch_Man's Avatar
    Wow 500... that is a lot of money. Did I really spend that much

    Seriously though I think as a club (Friskney) we need to look at something along the same lines to boost club funds. The ladies and gents manning the catering did an excellent job, even offering a 'healthy option' (no butter) I also though the water for sale in the 500ml bottles was a good idea.

    Hopefully Star got a bacon sandwich on Sunday for being extra cute
  3. TJ Mason's Avatar
    It was good to meet you and Wendy again. Congratulations to Wendy on such an excellent performance! And congratulations to you for getting home before midnight.
  4. phil_r_58's Avatar
    Yes I reckon the presentation ceremony should always include a medal for the catering staff. With a bar and wings for the bacon butty makers.

    Good point about the money from catering Tracy. At Pines Park, we have contracted it out to a catering van, one of the better class ones, not an old converted caravan and a camping stove. The amount of money we get from the owner buying the right to sell food to archers is a very big boost to club funds.

    In the days of people like Marksman archery trading, they also used to set up a stand at the bigger shoots. TBH was very useful to a lot of archers, although for some strange reason, I often used to go home with something I probably didn't need. They used to have a stand at all of the Friskney indoor shoots at the golden sands ball room in Mablethorpe. But that raises another question, why if there are so many archers, and so few big indoor shoots, can't we fill a huge ballroom with 45 bales, with four archers each anymore? Not enough bacon buttys perhaps?
  5. english_archer's Avatar
    Hey Trev will you be doing recipes as well as bacon sarnie reviews ?


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