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Thread: Aco Hockii tab - how good are they?

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    Aco Hockii tab - how good are they?

    Hi All,
    The leather on my Soma Neonine tab is getting rather manky so I'm considering replacing the tab with an Aco Hockii. I like these sort of tabs as I can place my thumb on top of the platform which seems a very natural way of shooting to me.
    I bought the Neonine after trying someone's Soma Saker 1, but I didn't want to spend 30+. For its price, the Neonine has been good - once I'd tightened up everything so that the nuts didn't rattle loose. The only thing I don't like about it is the clip that holds the finger strap. It doesn't hold the strap tight and over several shots the strap gets looser and I have to retighten it every few shots - which probably isn't good for consistent shooting.
    Now that the Aco Hockii has been around for several months, how do those who are using them find them? In particular, the clip that holds the finger strap?
    Look forward to hearing your opinions.

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    IMHO they're great - and excellent for the price !

    I find the finger strap does loosen off a little bit throughout an evening's shooting (because I flex my fingers whilst taking the tab off after every end to retrieve the arrows) but its not in any way a problem, its simple just to tighten it up a bit if/when it doesn't feel tight enough.

    I've taken the pinky hook off and I use the shelf high so it sits directly under my jaw, but you can move it down and use it as a thumb rest instead if you want.

    My advice is - don't hesitate !

    (Tho I understand the Joomong is pretty good too ....)
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    I'm very fond of the Joomong ... I have (for reasons unknown even to me) 2 in use and 2 more still in their bags.
    you need to replace the rather fragile finger strap with elastic and use a spring loaded toggle but thats a minor quibble on a great tab ... and nearly 1/3 the price of the saker 1
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    been using the ACo for a few months does the job nicely.

    Using 2 layers of Oberon.

    Also the Joomong is excellent. I would recomment changing the faces and the finger strap (better using elastic IMHO..)

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