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Thread: 27 inch risers, W&W Inno CXT vs Gillo G1 lux

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    27 inch risers, W&W Inno CXT vs Gillo G1 lux

    I'm looking at upgrading to a 27 inch riser due to having a 33.5 inch drawlenght. I tried the Gillo at Perris's last week and wow, what an improvement. So I settled to save up for that one. Since then I've seen the Inno CXT come up for sale second hand. And heard a lot of good things about it. And it's on offer cheaper than the Gillo riser.

    My question is, does anyone here have any experience with these risers, possibly both to offer advice/ compare the two?

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    My only suggestion is to check that the riser you go for is straight. The longer the riser, the harder it is to machine straight, and this can be an issue when setting up - no matter how good your limbs, a twisted riser is tricky to deal with.
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    I love my Inno CXT (25”) - it has a huge range of tweakability, weight is easily added/removed, great hand grip which several fellow archers have all commented on.

    Mine is straight as a die after 3 years of use & abuse, I’ve used multiple manufacturers limbs without issue whereas other members have had compatibility problems with other makes of riser/limb combinations.

    Currently playing with Hoyt G3’s #42 as a fun step up from my own W&W #36 - dropped in with no need to touch tiller or alignment bolts and shot like they had always been on there.

    All thread holes were clean and true and remain so after shooting in sun, rain, snow, frost and anything else mother nature has thrown at us. Clicker extender supplied as standard is a neat touch and works well with a Beiter blade allowing for a great range of adjustment.

    I have never seen the Gillo riser so cannot give a comparison but I have used many other different risers (Hoyt, Spigarelli, Mybo, Border) and find none of them come close to the comfort and shootability of my W&W. Although I am primarily a longbow archer I will never part with my Inno CXT, despite having had many offers for it last year and this year, as I know I won’t find anything to match it in the future.

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    I've shot two 27in risers - the Bernardini Luxor (the original 27in riser) and the Border Tempest. Both are great risers, but I personally prefer the feel of the Tempest.

    I understand the Gillo G1 25in model is very similar to the Best Zenit (once also marketed as the Border Talisman), and I loved my Zenit. Sadly it's twisted now, so I've retired it, but that's another story. I imagine the Gillo 27in probably feels similar.
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    If you are talking to Perris, my choice would be the new 27" version of the Uukha riser, my personal fav of any riser I have handled or shot....

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    I have to agree with Karl. I bought a CXT 25 inch riser second hand and absolutely love it. If you prefer a thicker grip then usual it is perfect. That's the main reason I bought it as I can't get away with the narrow grips on most risers.

    It's Win & Win and it's quality shows.

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