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Discuss Browning Metal Riser Olympian Recurve bow at the Recurve Bow within Archery Interchange Forums; hi all, i have just joined this forum to get some help please. I have ...
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    Browning Metal Riser Olympian Recurve bow

    hi all, i have just joined this forum to get some help please.

    I have been given a Browning recurve bow and trying to reseasrch it i cannot find it on google anywhere or mentioned in any forums. I know its a browning olympian however all i can see anywhere online is wooden risers where as i have the metal riser

    can anyone help me with the value of this item as according to research online it appears to be rare.

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    I too shoot a Browning riser but mine is the S3. The Olympian doesn’t use International Limbs so you won't be able to up-grade easily. This thread has a little more info. There is a guy at our club that shot an Olympian for many years with great success, telling everyone that it is the best bow he has ever owned.

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    Depends - if it's got international limb fittings (so will take limbs from other manufacturers) it is probably a Browning S3 so worth about 50 quid for riser alone.
    If it's got the Olympian limbs, easily identified because underneath they have two silver hemispheres that are used to locate the limb, then it's probably worth about 70 quid for the complete bow, assuming you can find someone that wants it AND it has limbs in the size they want.

    Magnus Petterson shot some very big scores with it, but it's a pretty dated bow and the limbs were never that nice.
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    the limbs that are on it are the browning cck.

    I know these are criticised due to apparent cracking however mine are not cracked at all

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    Give "Bulldog" on here a PM I believe he shot some very nice GMB scores with his Olympian and seem to remember him saying it was his 1st bow he got under sponsorship.

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