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Discuss FIVICS Riser Information WHAT?? at the Recurve Bow within Archery Interchange Forums; My first post here. I am not new to archery, but I am very new ...
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    FIVICS Riser Information WHAT??

    My first post here. I am not new to archery, but I am very new to Olympic style. I feel as though I got ahead of myself and made a really poor choice by purchasing a FIVICS FX1 Riser 25" and Medium RX1 40# limbs. Turns out they are new old stock. If this not the proper place or a proper post please move or delete.

    I contacted FIVICS through their web site asking for an Owners Manual and what their recommended brace height range is for the above set up. I never received either. I got an email from them with nothing other than a thanks for contacting us.

    So I tried FIVICS on Facebook and got the following response:

    Dear Customer, i know what you want to say. but, there is no recommended range for the brace any companies. if you have any manufacturers please send me. ^^ Also I would like to let you know that there is no standard fit of brace height, and it depends on the archers bow's tuning status.

    That really got me going so I sent them a copy of the Win&Win and Hoyt Owners Manuals. Their claim that no manufacturer provides thus information is totally wrong. I am convinced I made a bad choice by purchasing FIVICS instead of a more mainstream manufacturer like Hoyt or Wun&Win. FIVICS customer service is a real disappointment. I'll just use the numbers from the Easton tuning guide. Maybe I better start looking for a way to unload FIVICS in favor of a more reliable manufacturer.

    Any others with experience with FIVICS?

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    I'm surprised that as you're using a Fivics riser with Fivics limbs, they couldn't give you a recommendation but ultimately I'm inclined to agree with them. Brace height it mostly about archer preference and should be adjusted accordingly during tuning. Ultimately you'll probably settle somewhere between 8.5 and 9.5" on a 68" bow as this is pretty standard for limbs with a standard re-curve profile.

    Regarding customer service, Fivics once sent me a spare pack of screws free of charge from Korea as I lost some out of my tab, so can't fault them on that front either.

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    Encouraging to hear a positive customer service experience with them.

    Agreed that the final brace height is ultimately determined during the tuning process. I also asked for an Owner's Manual and received nothing.

    FIVICS statement that other manufacturers do not provide the requested information is wrong. FIVICS failed at customer service in my experience.

    I shudder to think what kind of warranty service they would provide.

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    The Fivics response is both technically correct and misleading. It might be a language issue.

    Manufacturers can't tell you your correct BH, but they can suggest recommended ranges. For example, when I contacted Samick they sent me back:
    66 - 20 to 22.5cm
    68 - 21 to 23cm
    70 - 22 to 24cm
    also recommend 2-6mm greater distance on the top limb (+ve tiller).

    That's actually pretty much vanilla ranges for a conventional limb geometry. But they are just a starting point.
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    Samick was responsive to you! It amazes me that this FIVICS representative would claim other manufacturers don't provide this information. Leaves you scratching your head.

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    Found this link in Google :-

    On the RX1 limb (page 7) it says :-

    Draw Weight : 40.3 lbs @ 28/30/32
    Limb Length : medium (68 Bow Length on 25 Riser)
    Brace Height : 7-3/4-8-3/4 (depending on riser)
    Physical Weight : 365 Gramm oz (pair)
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