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Thread: Formula Limbs F7's or Quattro

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    Formula Limbs F7's or Quattro

    Hi All, further to my recent post about not being able to hit 100yds with my 70" Formula Excel setup, and considering changing to medium limbs to make a 68" bow. I now have the opportunity to maybe get hold of either:

    Medium 36lbs F7's hardly shot but over 2 years old or a set of Medium 34lb Quattro's that have had some use, both are foam core (I believe), any comments or thought on which would be a best option for me, considering I could still not hit 100yds with a set of long 32lb Quattro's would all the way in to 36.25lbs thru the clicker. Is the F7 still a good limb based on todays technology/manufacturing methods or am I best going with the (relatively) new Quattro's ?

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    I'll happily defer to greater experience but both my son and I now have vastly improved sight marks since changing to wood core limbs from foam core limbs of similar poundage.

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