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Thread: Hoyt 840 Gran Prix limbs

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    Hoyt 840 Gran Prix limbs

    Am considering upgrading my limbs from 32lb SF Carbon Foam to 36lb Hoyt 840 Gran Prix limbs.

    How do people rate the Hoyt 840 limbs?

    Anyone recommend other limbs in a similar price range about 250 or so.

    Thanks, Dave

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    They seem reasonable value, I've not tried them myself, but the customer reviews on, say, AIM Archery are good, and also there are positive comments on some other forums, for what they are worth. At that shop they also list W&W Winact VT's for a similar price, although I'd suspect some draw weights and sizes will be unavailable as they've been discontinued. I recently got some lightly used but essentially unmarked 36 lb W&W Winex limbs for a smidgen under 200 from eBay. I think they are well over 300 new now. They replaced some 34 lb KAP Winstorm 2 Carbon/Foam limbs, and in comparison seem notably smoother in the last part of the draw, and they are physically a fair bit lighter, suggesting a higher carbon content, which should translate into a bit more arrow speed. I've only shot them indoor at 18m so far though... I suppose in an ideal world you'd try them all at your chosen draw weight prior to making a decision, but it's not always possible..

    So not what you asked for, but I wouldn't rule out quality used items if you can find them.

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    I used the "carbon elite" limbs for a couple of years; cracking value & very good performance, just a wee bit of stacking at the end of the draw.
    Imo I'd save a bit more money & go a bit more "high end" your not going to get a massive improvement in either speed or feel as the differences at the price range your looking at are too close.

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    Save up another 60 and get these..

    ou wont buy better without spending 500+....

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