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Thread: MYBO Elite riser Is it better than SF Forged+

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    MYBO Elite riser Is it better than SF Forged+

    Been having problems with my limb alignment bolts on my SF Forged+ as the internal threads are worn.
    I have been thinking of getting a MYBO elite riser to replace it. What are your thoughts?

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    From what I can gather from around the net this riiser is a mix of the best bits from both W&W & Hoyt risers.
    I shoot alongside an archery using this riser & he has no complaints about it at all. The finish is very good (at the price point) the nearest rival I can think of is the new W&W Winex which seems to be a re-mix of one of their own top alloy risers.
    I doubt you would be disappointed with it alongside a decent set of limbs (& a bit of skill helps also lol)

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    I have just brought a Mybo elite, I'm very happy with it, I liked the looks, ilf, and weight, the riser cost around 350
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