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Thread: New limbs needed, post injury/surgery

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    New limbs needed, post injury/surgery

    Hi All,
    I'm settling back into shooting after a rough 2015/2016. Wear and tear on my left elbow(bow arm) from old injuries saw me drop in poundage from 42 to 34, then stop shooting entirely for surgery and rehab. After a little time with 16 to 20lb club bows I'm back shooting with a full recurve setup and 24lb KAP Winstorm limbs. 18m scores have jumped from <500 pre surgery to now 550. I'd like to have a second setup and am wondering about better limbs. Out of consdieration for the elbow I don't want to rush to a higher draw weight. But 26lbs in a faster limb seems like a good idea.

    I have no complaints about the KAP limbs but pretty much anything should be an improvement. Any thoughts? SF Elite and Uukha X0 seem like good options.

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    SF Elite 26 lb were the ones I switched to when I was recovering from illness.

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