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Discuss Nock position vs Arrow rest at the Recurve Bow within Archery Interchange Forums; Hi all. Have just got my first recurve; Samick Privilege riser with some Winstorm Carbon ...
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    Nock position vs Arrow rest

    Hi all.

    Have just got my first recurve; Samick Privilege riser with some Winstorm Carbon limbs.

    The string came with the nocks pre-installed and I've set my (Hoyt) arrow rest over the hole on the riser - however the arrow doesn't look precisely horizontal (but almost). My question is; does it need to be horizontal? Does it make much difference if it isn't?

    Any advice appreciated.
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    One of the things that surprises many beginners is the way the arrow should "look" when correctly set up.It should look as if the point end is slightly lower than the nock end. That is because the hand that holds the bow is not level with the hand that draws the string.That creates a bend in the bottom limb that is not the same as the one in the top limb. To get the arrows to fly well, the nock is a little higher than the point when the bow is strung.
    If it was horizontal, the chances are the arrow would fly tail low, and that would push the fletchings of the arrow down onto the rest as it passes. That in turn could wear the rest or cause the back of the arrows to bounce up off the rest, giving poor flight.

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    Thanks, that makes perfect sense.

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    I helped out one of our archers this week who'd had his nock point put on incorrectly, so the bottom of the arrow nock was a couple of millimeters below square. He was wondering why his arrows were flapping all over the place on the way to the target! I helped him work out where the nock point should be (about 8mm up from square, where I guessed it would be) using bare shaft tuning, and he is now shooting much better groups! In my experience, setting the nock point 8mm up from square works best for me, but there is probably a range of a couple of millimeters around that from which the arrow would still fly just as well.

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