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Thread: Potentially My First Bow Setup? Should I change it?

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    Potentially My First Bow Setup? Should I change it?

    Hi guys,

    I'm fairly new to recurve archery (started mid June) and have been using a club bow up until now but I'm feeling the need to take the leap and purchase my own kit. The club bows that I've been shooting are all 68" with a 24lb draw. I've been all measured up by the coaches at my club so I know I'm looking for a 68" bow but I feel I want to push up the poundage slightly with my own limbs.

    I'm 28, 5'8" tall my draw is 27" (but I was advised to get longer arrows because as my form continues to improve my draw might lengthen slightly?)

    26085-A SF - Pro Forged Plus - Handle 1
    Colour: Matt Grey, Size: 25", Specify: Right Hand
    125.00 125.00
    15135-A SF - Premium Limbs 1
    Length: 68", Limb Weight: *28 lbs
    54.17 54.17
    8599 SF - Velocity Carbon Sight 1
    Specify: RH - Silver
    50.00 50.00
    25882 Easton Carbon One - Arrows 6
    Select - Select Spine: 660, Length From Nock Grove: 29", Cock - Vane Colour: White, Hen - Vane Colours: Purple, Nock - Colour: Black, Quantity: Each - 9.95 6
    8.29 49.74
    23470 String Flex - Fast Flight String 1
    Strands: 18 Strands, Select Bow Length: 68" - Bow
    6.25 6.25
    25749 Saunders Nock Points - 6pk 1
    Size: Medium
    1.30 1.30
    8230 SF Axiom - Magetic Bow Stand 1
    Colour: Silver
    8.29 8.29
    9161 SF - B92 Back Pack 1
    Select Colour: Black
    37.50 37.50
    24286 Gompy Bow Stringer 1
    4.04 4.04
    Subtotal 336.29
    Shipping (Tracked Courier) 25.00
    VAT 72.26
    Total 433.55

    This is the kit I think I'm happy with but I'm open to suggestions, I wanted to buy stuff that will last me well into the future but I wanted to get reasonably cheap limbs so that I can swap them out with higher poundage ones as and when I need them. This suits my budget (400-450).

    Anyway, what do you think?

    Thanks in advance
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    Hi Bob, from the same supplier? What springs to mind if you've got this lot online then beware setup! Most don't set them up, they just send you the bits you've ordered. And you've got to setup it up, it's good fun and teaches you a lot about a bow but its a nightmare for a newbie. But sometimes price is a bit of red herring as most archers change virtually everything within the first year. So buy the best so you just buy it once! Enjoy the process��

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    I don't mind buying it all online, my clubs head coach is going to walk me through the tuning and setup of it so I know what I'm doing. It's really great that they're so involved. I've shopped around and with the prices of postage from getting from different sources it works out cheaper just going with one supplier. I live in Northern Ireland so there's no actual archery stores anywhere nearby

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    If you have budget left get a cheap long rod, it will make a difference. Something like SF or Cartel ones are not bad and only cost ~15.

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    Have a look about for a good quality 2nd hand setup. You can get some good deals

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    A good choice of equipment there, but just a couple of things to add.. Get a cheap long rod and a couple more arrows. 6 won't be enough, and get the shop to send you a pack of spare fletchings and nocks.

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