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Thread: Pressure Button spring tension

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    Pressure Button spring tension

    My pressure button came with three springs, the medium tension one being the one fitted. What is it that determines which is the correct spring to fit?
    I am using 30", 1816 platinum arrows.

    Thanks, Dave

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    I am only able to tell you what I think. It is not a scientific proof.heehee
    When we set up our bows, the pressure button affects the direction of the arrow to some extent.
    When we set centre shot it is easy to see that we can set it to point just left or very left. What is less easy to see is the spring compressing and giving the arrow a slight adjustment in its left to right direction. A very stiff or rigid button would send the arrow further left than a soft one( RH archer).
    A soft button would compress quite a lot and the arrow would be pointing further right as a result.
    The springiness can affect the arrow too as it could react in such a way that the arrow got a double bounce on launch.
    By having three springs it gives a wider range of stiffnesses available to the archer, and a bit more control of the adjustment. Imagine a very stiff spring set close to its weakest setting needing to be made a tiny bit weaker. Any small adjustment could make it too soft as there could be slack in the system.
    A very soft spring, set close to max stiffness needing to be stiffer; could and up rigid after a small adjustment.
    I would guess that the best choice first off would be a mid way spring set at the mid way in its range.
    It seems to me that one spring might be suitable for most archers. Again that is just a guess.

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    When you tune your arrows you will arrive at a particular spring tension. From that point you may wish to tweak the spring tension a bit either way now and again. So the best thing is to use whichever of the springs has your preferred spring tension around the middle of its range - rather than at one end of its range which could result in your tweaking hitting the end of the spring's range.
    Sounds like you've got a Beiter button. If so, you will find a graph in the pack showing the tension range of each spring.

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    If you want the detail

    The Plunger Button

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    I always tunes via bare shaft & fletch arrows same @18 m ( 20 yards) with match stick in button.With arrow inline with stab. Then I install the spring with a tension of 1/8" compression with 1lb of weight & then walk back tune . Worked for me with the skill I have

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    I set centre shot then adjust to either move the arrow impact left or right.
    Or as I imagine it,,,adjust for dynamic spine.

    I've never used anything other than the medium pressure spring and I've long shot 40-50 lb @27.5" on my target bows.
    If I couldn't tune with the medium spring at those weights there would be something seriously wrong with my whole set up, and spring adjustment would not fix it.


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