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Thread: Riser marking limbs

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    Riser marking limbs

    I realise that the riser will mark the limbs but wondered how much is acceptable and if anyone does anything about it.

    I've only used my new limbs for a couple of weeks and can already see that they are getting marked my the end of the riser.

    The ends of the pockets have taken a bit of a battering over the last couple of years, so there is little paint left on the riser itself. The fact that the paint has worn away on the riser makes the adjustable pocket sit ever so slightly higher in the middle and gives a point to cause the marks.

    Is it worth putting tape on the limbs?

    What does everyone else do?

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    I have read this sort of problem previously on this site. The posters had suggestions about putting medical plasters on the contact point between the two surfaces. I have a carbon Fiberbow and as insurance against possible chipping of the riser I put a couple of layers of 'low allergy perforated tape' (clear medical strapping tape) I purchased from a chemist shop.

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