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Thread: SF Pro limb bolts....

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    SF Pro limb bolts....

    Riser - Seb Flute Pro.

    Starting from a fully wound in position, anyone know how many turns the limb bolts can be wound out safely - wouldn't want my limbs to go *POP*


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    For the SF (not pro) IIRC it was 5 turns. The center of the cap bottom surface (supporting the limb) is aligned with the pocket edge (I hope this makes sense). Mr. Flute sent me a picture (pdf) when I asked this question. I may PM it to you if you wish (I do not know I may attach files though). Anyway I believe you are still on the safe side if the cap upper edge is under the stab bushing line (at least this was the indication in a drawing in KAP's manuals for similar risers).



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