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Thread: W&W Winact limbs vs UUKHA HX10 limbs

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    W&W Winact limbs vs UUKHA HX10 limbs

    I have a pair of old type winact limbs @ 38# currently - look like the pic I've added, got them off ebay, and I've just ordered some shiny new UUKHA HX10 limbs @42#.

    Other than the poundage increase, what difference can I expect in your best guess/opinions or based on experience?

    Just curious, and I know there are lots of variables and it's not that simple, but keep it simple anyway and feel free to use the word "probably"
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    Hi. A friend of mine upgraded from Hoyt to Uukha last summer and is very happy. We shoot at different clubs so I haven't had chance to see for myself but he did say how he had to have a new string made as the extreme curvature at the tips meant that his existing string would be too short.

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    The Uukhas will be smooter, faster and generally lovely, plus they look drop dead sexy, and you will have lots of people come up to ask you about them....
    You may or may not need a new string, The X Curve limbs are the extreme curve ones, these aren't.... The yare quite sensitive to bracing height though. If you bought htem from Perris archery ( the UK importer of Uukha) they are extremely knowledgeable about these limbs are their specific requirements, plus Andrew ( Whitehart on here) is a very nice and helpful chap....
    I love my Uukhas, cant see me ever using anything else now, for me they are 1000% better than the Hoyt Carbon X Tours I tried first.

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