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Discuss Arrow spine advice for HEX7.5s at the Border Archery within Archery Interchange Forums; I picked up some ACE 430s, which are slightly shorter than I'd like (31 5/8in ...
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    I picked up some ACE 430s, which are slightly shorter than I'd like (31 5/8in overall) but with 140gr points and pin nocks seem to be a good tune.

    When/if I get some X10s, I'll probably go for 410 spine, but 1/2in to 3/4in longer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by O'Mahony View Post
    Bit late to the dance......but I would be curious as to what arrow ended up tuning for you John? I am also a long draw archer (32.5") and shoot XL Hex 7.5's on a 25" riser. I was able to arrive at a good state of tune with a .400 spine Easton X7, 33" arrow with a 100 gr point. My favorite for this bow is a .320 spine X7 also cut to 33" with a 175 gr point. Anyways, loving my 7.5's! tim

    After reading Timid's and John's posts I had to check my arrows. It is .400 spine X-7's that have tuned for me with the 175gr points! It is .505 spine X-7's that I have tuned with 100gr points. The .320 spine arrows I have are for a different bow. All these black arrows look

    Man, I must be getting old. Best tim

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    Another HEX7.5H archer

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnK View Post
    Looking for some advice and experience with HEX7.5s and arrow spine, shooting off a rest and plunger (preferably target, but barebow info also useful.

    My draw length (following coaching) is now 31 1/2in to the back of the bow, and I hope to be shooting in the 40 to 42lb range by next spring.

    I'm interested to hear advice on arrow spine from archers with a similar draw length.


    Hi, What have you been finding ? Have you encountered any issues , ....anything at this stage ? I have a similar draw lenght to yours.
    I am on 43/44lbs on my fingers and have gone through x10 shafts 450/410/380 and all are shooting level but nock end out to the right 20-30 degrees . checked for contact .. negative really puzzled what I am missing . If you have no usage testing feed back yet do come back to me when you do have a tune as I would be very interested to hear your results, On the other hand the Hex5H I have shoot brilliantly with out the extra speed out of the 7's .Good luck with your testing hope to hear from you.

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