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Thread: Bow and Arrow materials

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    Bow and Arrow materials

    Note to Moderators ... Dave if this thread breaks any of the forums commercial rules, please accept my apologies and delete it.

    For anyone in the Derby / East Midlands area who enjoy making their own bows and arrows, can I bring to your attention Harlow Bros Timber Merchants Coleman St Derby. They have in their hardwood dept some superb Tulipwood, American White Oak, Sepele and White Balau ( a close relative of Ipe) Plus, if doweling your own arrow shafts is your thing they have some teriffic straight tight grained red western Cedar featherboard planks.
    The sales guy to talk to is Anthony Meffen ... he told me that if if anyone mentions woods for bow making or arrow making ... he'll add in a trade discount.
    I have absolutley no connection at all to this company , but I thought I'd pass this on to any bow makers out there as good bow woods are becoming hard to find.
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