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    Bow Handle Materials...

    So, what are some good choices, and why? If I understand it right, most kinds of wood will work, as long as they're not extremely stretchy or brittle... So basically we're looking for any combination of woods that look good together. For example, you can glue several layers of contrasting coloured woods together at various angles, and it will look better than just one colour, IMO.

    I'll start off.

    In the barn the other day, I found some old cherry flooring boards, and thought, hey, this is already layered, why not? I sanded a small piece down at an angle to see how the colours/textures looked, and I was encourage by what I found. The plan would be to glue two or three of these boards on top of eachother to get it thick enough, then sand it down to shape.

    pics: (click to enlarge and see textures clearly)


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