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Thread: Recurve Limbs Decoration

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    Recurve Limbs Decoration

    Does anyone have any experience and/or advice re painting recurve limbs? I was thinking of painting a pair of bog standard white trainer recurve limbs in camo or snakeskin etc. I have found these replies to similar enquiries in other archery forums, and wondered if anyone have experience trying this?


    I did my Scepter two years ago and have not had any problem .
    I had my riser powdercoated, and did the limbs myself. I sanded the limbs lightly with 220 sandpaper, then w/400. Wiped them down with white gas (coleman fuel) to make sure any hand oils and grease is removed. I used 2-3 coats of Duplo bumper paint, no primer. I have used it for 3-D and hunting with no cracks in the paint or any other problems.


    If anyone wants to know how to strip thier old limbs and refinish them this is how.
    Sand the limbs down like you would a pc of wood then clean with soap and water. Next step is just paint with epoxy paint desinged for plastics.
    I found a paint that works great it's called VHT Epoxy Paint. You can find it at O'Reily auto.
    This will dry hard but flexible. It's what you use when painting fiberglass or other plastic base material.



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