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Thread: Where to buy wood laminations? I'm from Holland

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    Where to buy wood laminations? I'm from Holland


    I'm looking around for a new project, but can not really find the right materials.
    Actually I'm looking for "wood laminations", thin strips of maple, oak, or cherry or something. Also strips of fiberglass.

    This video shows what I want to do:

    laminated bow

    The strips could I order at the site below, but this is in the USA, anyone experience with this site??
    Am afraid the shipping costs are quite high, is not on the site, and only after ordering indicated.

    Bingham Projects, Inc. – Traditional Archery and Custom Bow Building Supply

    I'm from Holland, so I hope someone can help me out with a shop in the UK, that ships these materials to The Netherlands.

    Thanks for the responses.

    Vr.groet Mark Storm


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    Im sure some of the trad archers on here will be along soon to help you out the only place I know of is this place Barebow Archery
    Ladies and gentlemen this is "Black sunshine"

    friskneybowmen The home of Team Friskney

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    Why not have a look at Fairbow, shops in UK and Netherlands. FAIRBOWSHOP, the -one-stop-archery-shop-

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    I have bought glass and other bow making materials from Bingham’s
    Shipping 2.5 kg will cost around 40$ plus VAT tax on the items when you pick up,
    Email Bingham’s the bits you require and they will give you a brake down of costing.

    Be careful of some epoxy glues, a good one to use is Smooth On long cure
    For the bow poundage you are aiming for be sure that your lams are the correct tapers, I make my own from a sanding machine I made.
    One tip is get some kind of air extraction fine wood dust and glass fibers can be dangerous.

    You can get some glass from Bear paw but it’s not as good as Gordon’s glass
    Although their carbon is very good.
    find the glass on the left under Bögen und Bogenbau...No7

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    A couple of years ago I was visiting the border archery shop near Kelso.I put in an order for a bow while I was there.During the conversation with the elder Sid I expressed an interest in building my own bow.He offered to sell me the staves I needed.I put that project on hold.If you talk to him he might be able to help.His forum is on this website

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