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Discuss arrows scrapping down one side at the General Archery Discussion & News within Archery Interchange Forums; hi my wife is tearing her hair out trying to find why her arrows are ...
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    arrows scrapping down one side

    hi my wife is tearing her hair out trying to find why her arrows are scrapping
    on the berger button side of the arrows the thin arrow wraps on her arrows
    seem to be getting a bad score line down them
    could it be the button is set to weak??
    the arrows are the correct spine 1516 easton xx75 platinums
    her draw weight is 22 ibs the arrows are 26 inches long

    thanks all any idea's please

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    arrow too stiff....
    in the Easton chart i just looked at it suggests 1416 not 1516

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    Probably a bit stiff, and a clearance issue.

    Clearance can be awkward. You can try: altering button position/tension. Raising the nocking point a little. Increasing the Bracing height (that's a double whammy - can improve clearance, and get a weaker reaction from the shafts).
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    Im going to disagree and say those arrows are too soft.....
    The Easton chart for low poundage target at 26", 22lb shows Y4 which shows 1416 spine, BUT the low poundage chart is generally for kids shooting over long arrows.

    The real chart shows 1516 spine XX75's only applicable at 24", 21-27 lb. As your arrows are 2 inches longer they are going to be far too soft.
    The actual rating from the chart shows group 03 which does not have an XX75 spine in it. One group up would be 1713.
    Personally, I would go 1713 and initially buy them at 27.5" long, the extra length then will bring them down a spine and allow for the fact your wife is shooting at the lower end of the poundage range.
    Worth looking on Ebay etc for second hand arrows to try out before buying a brand new set.

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    One more vote for too soft.

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    Bare Shaft Tune

    It makes little difference what any one says too stiff, too weak, just opinions the only way to tell what is going on is to do a bare shaft tune. Do a basic set up on the bow first (centre shot, nocking point height, brace height and tiller set to makers specs ,plus button spring tension to mid point )then see what is happening to the bare shaft. Going on what you said I would expect that the set up you have at the moment is a bit 'tail low' I would have expected the shaft to be higher than the button by the time the arrow has gone that far. But that's just my opinion .
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    just point,pull & squeeze the trigger

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