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Discuss arrows scrapping down one side at the General Archery Discussion & News within Archery Interchange Forums; A very soft button and running with a low brace height could have the same ...
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    A very soft button and running with a low brace height could have the same effect - or the centre shot set wrong or plucking the string or limb alignment...

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    I set my sight so it is just off centre, so when I see the string line down the centre of the limbs, the sight is clearly visible,touching the string line but not obscured by it. I set the arrow off to one side to match the sight, so one is on the same line as the other,or very close.
    If the arrows hit the middle, the bow plane is also on line with the gold. If they don't, either the button is set wrongly or the arrows don't match. If the bareshafts land with the fletched arrows, they match so change the button set up. If the bareshafts and fletched don't land together, change the poundage to match if possible. Change arrows if necessary.
    If the sight ends up well off line with the string when on the bow's centre line, then the bow plane is well off to one side when aimed at the target.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Tee View Post
    The correct nocking point height according to the Easton guide is when the bare shaft hits at the same elevation or slightly lower as the fletched shaft. Not that precise, If it was a recurve I would be happy with an inch lower at 20yds.that would be enough to go on to the next stage. For a finger loose compound half that.
    As for an incorrect flight line, the important thing is the difference in the point of impact of the bare and fletched shafts. If there is an error in the sight then it will impart the same deviation to the fletched and unfletched shafts and will have no effect on the different impact points of the bare and fletched shafts.
    That's the thing: the height difference of the bare and fletched shafts will vary with distance, so by that criterion they're basically saying that the correct NP is different for different distances... unless you just pick one distance (30m?) and say that's "correct". But then it's pretty arbitrary.

    Flight line: I'll have to disagree with the "no effect", unless someone can prove it. I think that if you set things up out of line, then you're just setting up an out of line setup! It's not like it will self-correct. The stiff button methods "work" like that. You may get a bare shaft or walk back that you like, but that doesn't mean that the arrows are flying in the bow plane. Sure you can adjust to that baseline, but the baseline is not in the correct plane to begin with.
    But this is nitpicking. "over the shaft" is not going to be far out, unless centreshot is way off.

    <edit> but, whatever... clearance is an observed issue here. That needs to be fixed before testing, and part of that fix may involve altering the NP. If it's not possible to get clearance with a "correct" bare shaft result, then the "correct" setting isn't an option.
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    You can prove it your self Rik. All the sight does is to move the bow and bow arm, and with it the plane of the bow assuming the anchor is stable. The adjustments you make to the button spring etc bring the nodes of the arrow into line with the plane of the bow. If you take your tuned bow with correctly aligned sight and shoot a bare shaft and a fletched shaft at 15 to 20 yards , the two will land close together. If now deliberately misalign the sight and repeat the test you will find that you will get the same results as before , the two shafts landing close together, but the point of impact will be displaced because the sight has moved the bow plane. Try it and see.
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    If your button is set too weak, the arrows may be pushing the button into the barrel and then scraping on the edge of the barrel. Simon Needham recommends putting a small wad of bluetak just next to the far side of the barrel, as think as the barrel protrudes, plus a bit. Shoot an arrow. If the button is being pushed into the barrel, there will be a mark left in the bluetak.

    Also be aware that Easton changed their recurve spine chart in 2017 and now it differs from all previous charts! make sure you use the latest chart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Ruis View Post
    Also be aware that Easton changed their recurve spine chart in 2017 and now it differs from all previous charts! make sure you use the latest chart.
    WHAT !!! ???
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