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Thread: Indoor shooting & waiting line - what to use

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    Indoor shooting & waiting line - what to use

    I'm having an issue with what to use as a shooting line (and waiting line) marker within the sports hall we use.
    Currently we run a thin rope weighted at both ends which has served us well for many years. This does not blend in with the basket ball, football, netball, cricket lines already drawn on the floor and allows all our members to clearly see where to stand and the line captain to safely oversee the shoot.

    Recently we had and incident where someone managed to trip over one of the lines and fall heavily. It's not entirly unusual, but the rope is done in such a way that it has plently of "give" in it, so it generally moves with the person and drags out of place rather than activly trip someone up. This time however the person actually fell. The club first aiders attended and forms where completed so all good there by the way.

    I'm now keen to review the use of a rope, and wondered what other clubs use? How do you point out a shooting line to all? Do you use the lines already marked (ie ignore all the rest, and say that blue line there for example is the shooting line)? Do you use markers such as bean bags set at intervals to form a line?

    It's not practical to request a new line specifically for us to be drawn on the floor, nor do i wish to be using adhesive tape on the floor at every session, but we do need something that stands out!

    Any advice?
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    We use one of the already marked lines for a shooting line, and common sense for waiting (at our open competition we put a tape line down).
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    We use one of the lines painted on the floor of the school hall we use, we place small red cones, (like small trafic cones) 10cm high at intervals along the shooting line and use green cones to mark the waiting line. People do tend to walk into the cones but the cones just skid along the floor and everyone knows who has done it, the cones have not yet proved a trip hazard, one of our archers is a health and safety advisor.

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    As with Bimble, we use one of the existing lines of the courts that are in the sports hall and waiting line is common sense as there is plenty of room behind the shooting line to accomodate.

    One option could be stick up signs on the walls that coincide with where the lines are on the floor.

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    +1 for using the ready (badminton court) painted lines.
    Occasionally someone stands on the wrong line (approx 1 foot apart), but others are quick to point it out "oy, its the front line!" and the "offender" moves.
    Its never caused a problem.
    Even on the beginners courses, at the beginners end of our hall, the line runs out approx 1m short of the wall, so occasionally beginners have to stand in the area of the shooting line where there isnt actually a physical line at all. They all get the idea pretty quickly of imagining the existing line extended to the wall and everyone manages.

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    +Another for using a ready painted line as the shooting line & common sense for the waiting, all three clubs I shoot with indoors use this system. If there isn't a suitable line 20yds away as a target line, you could maybe use your rope at that end for setting up, where hopefully no-one should trip over it.
    As an alternative to sticking up signs, one of the other clubs has small free-standing wooden signs to indicate the ends of the shooting line, but the "oy wrong line" method works well

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