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Thread: Internet ordering in the World of Archery

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    Internet ordering in the World of Archery

    I guess many of you have had similar experiences with ordering stuff over the internet but this is the first problem I've run into in the World of Archery - and there's a clue there.

    I live on the Ilse of Skye and internet shopping is extremely useful. In the majority of cases delivery charges are no different from the rest of Great Britain. Some companies however do have a lack of understanding of geography or they have their own interpretation of UK Mainland. I once had a company who said they would only deliver as far as the ferry, when in fact we have a piece of tarmac that allows me to get to Lands End or John o'Groats without getting my feet wet.

    I decided to order a layered foam target boss and did some searching around to get the best price including delivery. The supplier that seemed to offer the best had no way of indicating delivery costs unless you went through the process of actually ordering i.e name, address, email etc - something I'm reluctant to do if the final price is then not acceptable. So I used a fictitious name and address but same post code and got an acceptable delivery charge. 16.75 + vat. After which I then went in to correctly place the order.

    The money was taken and then I got an email to say that the delivery cost would be another 30 - making it over 50 on an 85 boss. I was told this was the cheapest option and it would be Fed-Ex. I decided to cancel rather than put up a fight and they did refund the money quickly - or so I thought. Because of the vagaries of the banking system it would appear that it may take over 30 days before it appears bank in my account. Leaving me with the problem of not having the money to re-order somewhere else.

    As it happens it took only 4 days. So I emailed another company, Merlin, and asked for the delivery charge. The told me 19.95 +vat; I ordered; its been shipped.

    Quite a number of companies we use only take payment just prior to shipment, a practice I think others would be wise to put in place if they don't want to loose business, since I wont be going back to the original on-line shop. But then I guess the majority of orders they take go through without problem and they don't care about loosing me.

    Buyer Beware

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    It does seem a ridiculous extra amount of money considering the bridge is only 500m long and there's not even a toll.

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    I get hacked off when a huge delivery charge is whacked on for delivery to NI, where, if they used Royal Mail, it should cost no more than the rest of the UK... I'm talking about small packet items rather than things which require a courier.

    <edit> And all those sites trumpetting "Free UK delivery" which need a "(but not you)" subtitle
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rik View Post
    And all those sites trumpetting "Free UK delivery" which need a "(but not you)" subtitle
    If they did it as "Free GB delivery" then it would be technically accurate

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    I don't think the OP was referring to us.

    The problem is the larger items where weight/size not value are the main factor in pricing. I would guess the majority of packages shipped by dealers fall into the "Small Package Category" and the most efficient route where couriers require a surcharge for "remote areas" is to use Royal Mail. Most couriers will go out of their way not to accept bosses of any size, basically they take up too much room in the van and reduce the number of deliveries a driver can do in a day. Even Parcel Force have length limits which also preclude the majority of bosses. You should see the reps faces when you tell them they cannot have the easy stuff if they don't take the harder stuff at a sensible rate.

    Couriers also work on postcodes for pricing, not the real world so you could only be 10 minutes from a major town but your postcode says otherwise and incurs a surcharge even when the courier drives by your house on the way to the next town.

    Couriers want an easy life to make a profit - with the growth of the internet they can afford to be picky with drivers averaging 90 - 100 deliveries a day a 90cm boss can be the equivalent of 10 deliveries at 3 or 4 each.

    Another factor is the conveyor belts do not take kindly to bosses and they have to be manually transferred from collection/Local Depot/Central Depot to Local Delivery Depot and on to the Van.

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    FWIW Colin, we're heading up your neck of the woods in summer and if we've room in the van, I'll happily bring archery clobber your way. (You're not and landy nut from Dunvegan are you by any chance?)

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