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Thread: point weight effecting stiffness?

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    point weight effecting stiffness?

    There are many of the technical aspects of archery that go way over my head, and here is another one

    so what I was wondering, if somebody knows how much point ( and nock ) weight effect the stiffness of an arrow

    I have 2 scenarios.

    I am shooting a 40lb recurve with about 41.5 on my fingers. measuring my draw to the button I get about 27 inches, which fives me just a tad short of 29" draw length.

    I have 2 sets of ACE arrows, one I bought ( second hand) for my recurve and one set for my compound.

    One set are ACE 570, with 28.25 shafts, pin nocks and 85 grain screw in points ( the inserts are the 39grain ones and the points are 46grain)

    I was thinking about putting heavier points in to try and cut through the wind a bit better, but would that weaken the spine ( effetively) too much and make them too whippy? also how much would the heavier point effect my sight marks?

    I did a shoot at the weekend and beat my handicap score with the 570s so they cant be too bad, but the wind was effecting them, and I noticed a couple of shots, the back end kicked out a bit, but it was only occasional, so more likely a bad release than a bad arrow.

    The other arrows are ACE 470 at 28 inch shafts, currently with easton G Nocks and break off points that are weighing in at 118 grain.(whihc are quite long so make the arrow effectively longer) so overall the 470s are only a couple of mm shorter than the 570s

    So the other option would be to put the pin nocks and lighter points in the 470s but would that bring the stiffness down enough to shoot on my recurve ( the 470 are, according to the chart in the 44lb + range) but then would that mess them up for cutting through the wind.

    I am on a really low budget at the moment ( which is why I am trying to sell my compound and other gear) so cant afford to go get some 520s which is really the correct choice.

    I know a lot of this is guess work, and the only real way is to do it and see, but I would people opinions if at all possible.


    (my other arrows are 540 ACGs but I couldnt reach 100yards without aiming high, hence the change to ACE)

    I only put the pin nocks in last week, before shooting, and havent done any bare shaft testing since, maybe they have already stiffened them a bit?

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    Technically, the point weight doesn't affect the stiffness of the shaft at all - it can't, that's a property of the shaft.

    But what most people mean is: how does it affect the arrow match? And it's not a simple answer.
    Something like (for example) a 20 grain change in point weight may not change the match noticeably. It may not be detectable in setup (bare shaft, walk back etc), unless the match was somewhat edgy in the first place. So if you start out with a weak match and increase point weight... I don't know how to call that.

    I'm not sure what you're trying to say about the 470s... if they are currently too stiff, then there's no way that reducing point weight would help. Swapping pin nocks out and replacing with something lighter might.

    My personal experience: increasing point weight on a set of ACE 670s, from 100 to 120, made no difference except to vertical sightmarks. Setup tests detected no change.
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    On the other hand, I *do* find changing point weight changes tune. But only a little. If you've got the wrong spine, you've still got the wrong spine, I'm afraid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rik View Post
    Technically, the point weight doesn't affect the stiffness of the shaft at all - it can't, that's a property of the shaft.
    Absolutely correct Rik.
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    second thoughts

    Suck it and see. Buy three or four heavier points put them in the 570 spine arrow (make one of the shafts the bare shaft) and see if there is any difference when you tune. Ignore your draw length the only important measure is arrow length. as long as the arrow will stay safely on the arrow rest when you are at full draw you arer ok.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bolerus View Post
    The other arrows are ACE 470 at 28 inch shafts, currently with easton G Nocks and break off points that are weighing in at 118 grain.(whihc are quite long so make the arrow effectively longer...
    Actually the points do not make the arrows longer in terms of matching to the spine tables or the bow
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