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Discuss Skyart arrows. at the General Archery Discussion & News within Archery Interchange Forums; For those of you who have wondered about Skyart arrows,I have just come back from ...
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    Skyart arrows.

    For those of you who have wondered about Skyart arrows,I have just come back from the range where I shot the Skyart SF Pros
    I got off Ebay for 25 for 8.Best 25 I have spent in a long time.Shot a fita 70,446 with arrows that were too long to use with a clicker.
    Also easily reached 100yds with good grouping.So for those of you who would like a cheaper arrow to Easton,then do not discount Skyart.

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    I brought some sky art arrows and loved shooting them the problem is our club doesn't allow all carbon arrows so They are gathering dust.the only other problem I found with them was when I brought replacement nocks they didn't fit properly they were a fraction to big .

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    I've got the Skyart SF Ultimates.....really like them!!!

    Not had a single problem with them either. Not using the pins that came with them, replaced with 3.98 No.2 Beiters.

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