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Thread: Easton Triumph Arrows - 500 Spine -

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    Easton Triumph Arrows - 500 Spine -

    I shoot compound limited, 50# dw PSE Xpression and shoot Easton Gamegetters in 500 spine, or X7 in 2114. Love them, but have bent a good few and have a hankering now for carbons. I tried some Mybo Hailstorms but they were a tad stiff and really thin which I didn't adjust to after shooting 2114 and 2016 allys. I fancy giving the Triumph a go - and they seem to be going cheap at around 5 a shaft - given they are being sold off by the looks of it I have to ask why? The price drop screams end of line/clearance stock........will I be able to get more if I like them in future?

    Anyone rate them/shoot them/hate them who can offer feedback? I shoot field, mix of faces and 3Ds.

    Apparently discontinued - looks like I'll be sticking with my 2114 X7 and 2016 Gamegetters! FMJs appeal but


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