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Thread: Mycarta Limb Tips

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graham Smith View Post
    Thanks Jon. I didn't know that those 3 brands were related. I thought Buck Trail were made by Win & Win. Sure I read that somewhere.
    The string I have now is endless loop dacron and I have the opposite problem to the one you had. I have to twist the life out of it to get to an 8 inch brace height which shows everywhere as the recommended height. I notice on the catalogue that you sent the link to that it says 7-8 inches.
    I shoot quite a heavy arrow with this bow. Easton X7 2014 aluminiums and was thinking of getting a Bodnik Whisper string. I still don't know though.
    By the way I have put wool string silencers on the string and they really do work and cost next to nothing and are easy to make.
    The Bucktrail bows were found to be made in the same Chinese Factory that made the SF range for W&W. Whether it's a W&W owned factory I'm not sure but the quality of the gear is pretty good. More than likely the factory just makes and names bows for specific markets and companies and they then just choose the name to stick on them.

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