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    I shoot a lot of field as well as target, for a starter field bow I would say either an AFB or a one piece trad bow as a good place to begin. I do shoot ELB for target, but find them at a bit of a disadvantage to the others at field. My main field bow is a recurve tradbow with Border riser and Uukha limbs, but you are getting into the high price bracket. A good Ragim Black Bear can be had for around 125 (I also have a great Ragim Back Panther at 150), and will be quicker than an ELB, which for unmarked distances and instinctive shooting can be important. The variety of targets and the friendly atmosphere at even the selection shoots make field a joy to take part in.
    I've actually thrown in the towel with target archery; I'll always appreciate the solid foundations it gives you but a combination of an ultra cliquey club and finding a 144 arrow shoot more torture than fun means it's field only; that might change eventually but we are very limited with spare time and would rather spend it enjoying ourselves even if we do shoot "evil" compounds bows. With sights.
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