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Thread: transition from target to field

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    Just go for it.
    IMO The whole point is there is less involved! Especially NFAS you have no idea of range, just point the long pointy thing at the target and loose. The less thinking you do the better, much more about balance and feel as you may be crouching under a tree. Most of all it's about enjoyment.
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    I wasn't keen on FITA field at first because I "grew up" shooting IFAA style field (represented here by the EFAA English Field Archery Association ). I was a bit worried about the unmarked rounds as well. I did a FITA field round for the first time this month, and went for shooting the marked part only. It was awesome!

    While I prefer IFAA style (28 targets, 112 arrows is better for me than 24 targets, 72 arrows, and a score out of 560 makes more "sense" to me than a score out of 432), I had a great time and I will DEFINITELY do more of it.

    Yes, you have to prepare slightly differently - e.g. you'll need to figure out what your bow does when you're shooting uphill/downhill, and on side hills, and you'll do a lot more walking (there are lots of tips on the internet on forums like this, but I would say just go for it.

    One other thing (and perhaps this should be in a thread of its own as I imagine people may have varying views on this): I don't think it is a good idea to do only field archery and no target/indoor archery - they are different but, I think, complementary as each requires / teaches something different:
    - target: consistency of form at different distances, and how to deal with wind
    - indoor: strong mental skills (and consistent form)
    - field: problem-solving and adapting your form, and knowledge of your equipment

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    Thanks everyone for the wonderful advice!,
    I'm in the process of getting some decent sight marks and I'm doing some research into clubs I could join. You may see me soon!

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