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Discuss Archery field AGB registration at the Target Archery within Archery Interchange Forums; Originally Posted by bimble I wasn't there, but I know it was one of the ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bimble View Post
    I wasn't there, but I know it was one of the senior judges (Derrick Lovell) and someone else, though whether that other person was another judge, or from a third party I don't know. Looked around, took some measurements. I think in the end they asked us to add a sign at the end of a path we've put in that runs along the length of our field in case people walk along it, but otherwise were happy.
    Just had a quick look at your field (I think) on Google map. Nice field I'm surprised anyone though it needed external assessment. It would not have popped up on my radar at all.
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    I think the idea is that all fields get an actual inspection. That or they were using it as a nice easy example to discuss things amongst themselves that they need to look out for. Though I think it's the former. I know our Parish Council occasionally floated the idea of putting a trim trail behind our bund, though the dense brambles usually quashed that idea and it's now elsewhere.
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