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Discuss Arrows at the Target Archery within Archery Interchange Forums; Out of curiosity (and as I was trying to ask in my last debacle of ...
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    Out of curiosity (and as I was trying to ask in my last debacle of a comment) what's your opinion of the Inspire arrows and why are you changing up? I'm in the market for my first arrows, and was going to go with the Easton Tributes because they're ally, but the carbon Inspire are actually cheaper by about 30!

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    I like them well enough but of my original dozen, I've broke 1 and lost 1... and they were only bought to get me going. Probably need to change the length a bit and it's a good opportunity to upgrade them.

    They are pretty robust though - they have survived a couple of shots into the frame. The broken 1 hit a boss cover and somehow snapped in 2 places. But did manage to make it into a pen 🤣

    Defo recommend them - I would say I've only ever used them, so don't have much of a comparison.

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    Bite the bullet and get ACC.
    I messed around getting jazz arrows, then platinum plus but found after a few 1000 arrows they almost all had a bend in from being pulled, probably not by me...grrr.

    They get bent to the point I start to notice the same arrow always being slightly out. It ends up costing quite a bit in replacement arrows.

    Bought ACC now for indoor and outdoor and they're so much tougher. The accuracy improvement, grouping etc from the slightly bent aluminium to these is amazing.

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    Personally I don't think that you can do better than platinum plus unless you are willing to spend a lot more money. They are great quality, are well priced, and are available in a huge range of spines.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldie Lookin' Pain View Post
    Good point well made 👍 always good to get opinions from all over. My big problem is the closest shop (merlin) which is 250 miles away - so not a wee jaunt - thus why I do my best to get info from all you kind guys and girls.
    Where are you to make Merlin your closest shop? I thought they were in the midlands. Surely from anywhere in the UK, you've got to pass at least 3 other shops (perhaps not so good) to get there.

    Be aware that some clubs and competitions wont allow you to use all carbon arrows as the metal detectors wont pick them up if you lose them. I know thats a bit contraversial, just saying

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    Quote Originally Posted by ben tarrow View Post
    Where are you to make Merlin your closest shop? I thought they were in the Midlands........
    ............and County Durham. Aardvark was our closest 'till Merlin set up shop just down the road.
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