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Discuss Tents at competitions at the Target Archery within Archery Interchange Forums; At 60 I'd have jumped at them. At 139 they still seem to be competitive ...
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    At 60 I'd have jumped at them.

    At 139 they still seem to be competitive compared to alternatives.

    For us it will be dual purpose, the drive away awning that we currently have for the campervan simply takes too long to put up for an overnight stay. This looks ideal to give us that extra space we need whilst being quick to put up / down.

    It sounds like it will be accepted at shoots although disliked by some, I think I'll go for one though. It will always be me and my daughter at the shoots so it will be used by at least 2 people!

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    don't count on that tent coming down in price, as i've stalked it for the past yr and theres been 0 change in price. so either pay or find an alternative.

    as for anti social R U sur thr not just txting each other

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    Quote Originally Posted by English Bowman View Post
    Tents are part of the reason that I rarely attend target shoots these days. Target shoots used to be a sociable day out before the influx of tents, now people shoot, then retreat into their tent and it's become much more insular. If I had my way I'd ban tents from the line, and just allow them a long way back, if at all. Why can't people survive a day in the summer in a field without shelter?
    I've only really noticed this if it is raining, and to some degree it can be social as if you don't have a tent people will invite you into theirs.
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    I use one of these. Same footprint as a pop-a-bivvy but tall enough to stand up in and quicker to pack away than a Quechua
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    I shall bring our "tent" but be sure to make everyone a brew (there's also a fridge for beer)... the rear rack might be useful for hanging stuff from.

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    I popped into the Decathalon store that just opened by me and spotted this much more tentline friendlier pop-up tent. In the hygiene section of the camping. 2m high, but only 1m x 1m floor space. Seconds Utility Tent
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