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Thread: Arrow Brands other than Easton???

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    Arrow Brands other than Easton???

    Does anyone know of any worthwhile but inexpensive brands of arrows that are available, other than Easton? I've had a look at a couple of websites, and other than the cheap fibreglass options available via Amazon, there doesn't seem to be much out there. I know Easton are a good brand and they're not overly expensive (Jazz, Tribute etc), but I just wanted to know if there were other options out there...

    There seems to be several brands to choose from in the USA, but unless you go down the custom built route, it looks like Easton has the monopoly on this side of the pond!

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    I'm new here too so I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention archery shops directly - but if you go to the site of 'King Arthur's mentor' you will find they also sell ready to use arrows by Gold Tip, Mybo and Bearpaw.

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    I think most decent arrows are custom built, for example the Easton Jazz and Tributes are supplied as parts, which the shop cuts to length and assembles. This way you'll get the best fit, but probably pay a bit more. Self assembly is also really straightforward with a fletching tool and some glue (most companies will cut shafts to length in the price).

    But if it's factory assembled ones you're after (I'm also not sure of the rules regarding naming companies TBH) but a well known shop which deals in Sports of the Bow sells reasonably priced Beman, Win & Win, Easton, Avalon etc. ready mades in their "leisure arrows" section.

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    Avalon, Bearpaw, Carbon Tech, Carbon Express, Cartel, Easton, Fivics, Gold Tip, Mybow, Sky Art, Timber Creek all make arrows. Though Easton tends to be the only one that's stocked by nearly everyone, the others have a more limited availability
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    Avalon's new offering look decent! Good spine range, though large diameter and light could result in a lot of drift on windy days.

    People tend to gravitate towards Easton as a lot of clubs only allow A/C style shafts due to shared sports fields and the ease of finding them with a metal detector.

    Depends what price range you are looking at

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    I've heard some very good reviews on the Avalon range too. Way better than they should be for the price.

    I've shot with a few people using the Mybo range of arrows and they're pretty tidy. One model at least takes the ACE points and nocks (G nocks). Straightness is the same as everyone else's. You effectively get a set of cheaper Easton Carbon Ones.

    I use a couple of sets of Gold Tip Traditionals when I go on field shoots. Pretty tough and don't break the bank.

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