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Thread: Wooden Arrow Spine for AFB shot off the hand

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    Wooden Arrow Spine for AFB shot off the hand

    Looking into what wooden arrow spine to try first for an American Flatbow shot off the hand. (It's the KG Cobra)

    40lb draw weight but at my draw length probably more like 37-38lb

    I think I'd like my arrows to be around 29" but could go down to 28" if I had to.

    Looking at POC shafts

    The longbow chart recommends 35/40 shafts for a 29" arrow, but the American Flatbow chart recommends 45/50

    I realise I need weaker arrows to bend around the handle of the bow as it's shot off the hand, so the longbow chart may be more accurate, however the bow is fibre glass backed, which I imagine will increase it's speed?

    So what do you think, split the different and get 32" arrows at 40/45 then test them and cut them down untill they are the correct spine? (which will hopefully be no lower than 28 - 29")

    Any suggestions would be most welcome!!!!

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    Someone may correct me on this but as far as I'm aware the static spine rating of shafts won't be affected by cutting the shafts down unless you cut them to something less than 26". Spine gauges sit the arrow on two pegs 26" apart to measure the static spine.

    However, the dynamic spine would be affected by cutting them down. It's too complicated for me to explain to instead I suggest getting hold of STu Miller's Dynamic Spine Calculator. It's an excel spreadsheet with PDF instructions that you put all of your details in and it works out what spine you should be using. It's a bit daunting at first but once you've run 2 or 3 setups through it it makes sense.

    If you find yourself in the 40/45 lb range then you have the bonus of being able to use both 11/32 and 5/16 shafts as they tend to overlap on spine rating at that poundage. This is useful as you can have a set of 11/32 for short range/3d field and a set of 5/16 for target (being lighter then fly farther and lower your point of aim at long distance).

    Hope that helps.

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