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Thread: Compound sight for target recurve

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    Compound sight for target recurve

    In short, I'll be getting a compound later this year and I'd like to get a sight i can use on both compound and recurve to save some money.

    First off, any recommendations?

    I like the look/function of the HoggFather but can a regular sight pin be attached?
    Also, can the compound pins/tunnels be used or is the tunnel more than 2cm?

    11.1.5. A bow sight is permitted, but at no time may more than one such device be used. It shall not incorporate a prism, lens, or any other magnifying device, levelling, electric or electronic devices nor shall it provide for more than one sighting point. The overall length of the sighting circle or point (tunnel, tube, sighting pin or other corresponding extended component) shall not exceed 2cm in the line of vision of the athlete. A sight may be attached to the bow for the purpose of aiming and which may allow for windage adjustment as well as an elevation setting. It is subject to the following provisions:
    - A bow sight extension is permitted;
    - A plate or tape with distance marking may be mounted on the sight as a guide for marking, but shall not in any way offer any additional aid;
    - The sight point may be a fibre optic sight pin. The total length of the fibre optic pin may exceed 2cm, provided that one end is attached outside the athlete’s line of vision at full draw, while the part within the athlete’s line of vision does not exceed 2cm in a straight line before bending. It can only provide one illuminated aiming spot at full draw. The fibre optic pin is measured independently of the tunnel.

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    Ega Agatha shot a Shibuya Ultima with a CPX sight block in Rio Olympics. Of course he used recurve sight pin insteasd of compound sight lens.

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    Some compound sights are very similar to recurve ones. Often the change would require a different threaded rod that holds the scope or tunnel. And a different block to screw that threaded rod through.
    Looking at The HoggFather, that is a hunting sight, which looks to have a very short scale bar. The scale bar is the bar that the scope moves up and down on to change the elevation for different distances. Hunters tend to shoot short distances so the change for different ones is short. To reach hundred yds with a recurve would require a longer scale bar, and even with a compound bow the short scale bar would probably cause problems.

    I have a Booster Optima 2 Sight for Compound bows, but I recently want to move back into recurve, I was wondering if I can use this same sight for recurve bows?

    I've taken a look at Merlins (where I got the compound sight from)
    Booster Optima 2 Sight - Compound, from Merlin Archery Ltd.
    Booster Optima 2 Sight - Recurve, from Merlin Archery Ltd.

    And they look exactly the same except different thread sizes are used, so do you reckon I can just use this sight for recurve, and use a suitable recurve sight pin?

    Edit: Say if I used the 10x32 thread sized pin from here: would that be allowed on a recurve bow?



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