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Thread: Back in the Game...and seeking advice!

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    Back in the Game...and seeking advice!

    So after a 15 year gap in the sport. I am making a return. With 10 year old in toe this time.

    So my question. I have accumulated various risers through the process of getting myself back into things.

    And have 3 risers.

    I have been shooting 2 barebow with similar success with each. Indoor 10m. 20lb limbs.

    I am generally a fan of older high quality bits then new shiny things. But I seem to have the lot covered here.

    So a nice early Hoyt Gold Medalist. Freshly powdercoated and helicoiled for a modern sight.

    A Winact II Riser. VGC for age.

    Or an almost new SF Forged (Not been shooting this one yet.)

    Since I am really rusty. Can anyone assist in telling me if any/all of these will perform similarly barring weight?

    And if there are any that will help/hinder me going forwards.

    Since having the Winact and the Hoyt. The Hoyt is first out the bag each time. But both very enjoyable to shoot.

    Havent shot the SF as yet. But it only just arrived! It was part of a kit I wanted...but they wanted to sell the WHOLE thing.

    TIA for your thoughts on this one!


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    First and foremost welcome back to the wonderful world of archery

    You've a fair mix of risers to choose from and here are my observations from matching risers in our own club stock so here goes:

    Hoyt GM - solid, bomb proof riser that was available for many years and had an excellent reputation. Having had it recoated and helicoiled it should perform perfectly well but check that it is straight.

    Winact - another solid riser, high level in its time, it has an interesting quirk in that the limb pockets are quite steeply raked compared to other risers and this does have the effect of adding extra draw weight to a given set of limbs but also means they may feel harsher to draw and on release.

    SF Forged - loads of our beginners course archers buy Forged and Forged Plus as their first riser if they continue shooting as they are easy to shoot and offer good value for money.

    Each riser offers a different geometry and grip size/shape but all are capable of allowing an archer to attain good scores so my advice is to give each riser a couple of sessions with one set of limbs and see how they feel and perform for you because riser choice is very subjective. Hopefully one combination will show through as being easier, less fatiguing, more consistent to shoot and that’s the one to go with initially.

    I meant to do that - honest ! !

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