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Thread: Cxt riser Grip

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    Quote Originally Posted by stafkoi View Post
    Hi, is there anyone out there that has purchased the cxt riser grip that is being sold as rubberised, I would like to know if it is rubberised and if it is a improvement on the original grip, the only review I can find says it's the same as the original grip so no difference.
    Thankyou in advance
    So to answer the original question about the CXT replacement grip - I've discovered that it isn't any different to the original that comes on the riser, except for being silver (or navy, red or black).

    I've moved on to wondering how to choose which Jager grip to try (in the absence of cheap ones on eBay ) ... Best Style 1 or 2.0; Medium or high grip.
    I'd be interested in what you went for stafkoi, and look forward to a progress report. Good luck.


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