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Thread: Knoc sizes v string counts

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    Knoc sizes v string counts

    Has anyone got any information on pin knocs and small G knocs in relation to different sizes as I have easton small pin knocs that are very tight on the string and easton small g knocs that are lose so was wondering if there is a known list that says Beater knocs are a bit smaller or bigger than easton knocs and other makes, As I find different strings differ slightly in thickness evan when they have the same string count


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    Afraid not. Beiter ones and twos are a different fit to Easton. Beiter translucent palstic are a different fit to the solid colours, more I think because they are a different hardness of plastic. Strings get thicker the more twists there are in it, and different colours of the same material seem to have differing thicknesses, I think because they are surface dyed, so there is a variance.
    So I tend to use a Beiter number one or two, and put extra strands under my centre serving to give me the fit I want. If you want the ultimate in nock fit, use Beiter with a Beiter served in nocking point.
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