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    For Sale - Hoyt Sapphire Compound

    Ok, I want a new bow, so I've got to sell my old one

    Black Hoyt Sapphire - 40-50lbs (I shot it around 42lbs I think) 27" draw length (ish). I think it's got the XT2000 split limbs on it. Set up as a shoot through, but any decent shop will be able to change it back to to cableguard for you. Basic peep and d-loop fitted.

    This is just the bow for sale - there are no additionals with it. It hasn't been shot for 2 seasons, but has been kept dry and safe. There are a few nicks on the paintwork, but it's not bad.

    This bow took me from basic beginner to a GMB score (my one and only), so it's a decent little thing suitable for just about anyone.

    I'd rather sell it through here than on ebay, but I do want to shift it quite quickly because I've got my eye on another bow.

    Looking for around 175, but open to offers.


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