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Thread: Adjusting sight further to the left as distance increases.

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    Adjusting sight further to the left as distance increases.

    I've been happy with the tune of my bow during the indoor season. I've shot mostly at 20m but also a few shoots at 30m.

    Bareshafts land within the group and my Portsmouth scores had gone from the 520's a year ago to the 560's this year.

    However on going outside, I found I had to make a small adjustment left to shot at 40 yards, then a larger adjustment left to shoot at 50 yards, then I ran out of fine adjustment and had to get the spanner out to adjust it left to bring them onto the gold at 60 yards.

    There was very little in the way of wind.

    Grouping was great at 40 and 50 yards, but not so great at 60 yards, need to get back into shooting at longer distances.

    Is the fact that I have to adjust the left and right a problem? Are the arrows too weak or stiff? Could the point weight be wrong. I shot these arrows outdoors at the tail end of last season but they were a bit stiff, however I increased the poundage of my limbs when we moved to the indoor season which I felt gave a better match.

    They are Easton ACC 620 arrows. Shaft length of approx 29.3". Point weight of 100gn. XS Spin Wings 50mm low profile. Shooting around 38lbs OTF can adjust this a couple of lbs either way using the tiller bolts.

    If I use the Easton Website and put in 29" for my draw length, then it only gives the 620 ACCs as an option

    If I put in 30" for my draw length it gives 560 or 500 as the correct spine for ACCs.

    I have a set of 6 ACC 500s but when tuning indoors I found them too stiff to get a good tune.

    Does the arrows going left at longer distances mean that they are too weak or too stiff or is it something else?


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    First of all I'd check that the sight bar is parallel to the string - if it isn't that might account for the variance at distance.

    If all is well there, I'd do a walk back test to make sure button pressure and centre shot aren't out. If your bareshaft is in the group of fletched arrows at 30m then these are the most likely causes for me.

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    Bareshafts land within the group and my Portsmouth scores had gone from the 520's a year ago to the 560's this year.
    Getting that sorted is good. The next stage is to get the groups moved to the centre of the gold; and without ruining the groups you are already getting.
    At close range it is possible to have the groups just a bit to one side of the gold and to miss the fact or not pay too much attention to it because the groups are so small.As the distance increases so does the distance from the centre of the gold , and we start to notice that.
    As backinblack says, check the scale bar of the sight is in line with the string. If the arrows go further left and the scale bar is to blame, it will be too far right at the bottom. If you put a long straight edge along the side of the scale bar that will show up better if it is out of line.
    If the sight is not to blame, it might just take a little move of the button to correct things.
    IF the arrows were too stiff, the bareshafts would not group so close to the fletched ones.

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