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Thread: Assistance with reaching desired brace height

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    Assistance with reaching desired brace height

    Good evening all,
    (first post!)
    I am looking for some help in reaching my recommended brace height. Below is the equipment that I am using.

    Riser - 25" SF Forged Plus
    Limbs - SF Elite Fibre Foam Recurve Limbs - 70" - 36#
    Strings that I have:
    - stringflex astro 70" bowsize 16 strand (x2)
    - stringflex f.f.+ 70" bowsize 18 strand (x1)

    I have looked through the manual to find the ideal brace height, ideally looking at somewhere in the region of 22.5 - 24.5cm.

    However, when I string the bow the brace height is 25.2 ish (just under 10") and I can't adjust the bolts to rectify this at all ... unless I'm just being dumb. (!?) Do I have a short string?

    Can anyone help me out in trying to reason through this problem.

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and any/all feedback appreciated.



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    Usually you adjust brace height by adding or removing twists in the string. Try untwisting the string to get the require brace height if you can. If it's a brand new string it will probably stretch a bit once you start using it so you want to check it after the first few sessions and adjust as needed.

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    What are the twists in the string like? More twists give you a shorter string.
    Are all of the strings giving you the same issue?

    Just a note, don't try to adjust the brace height with the bolts, that's not what they're for. Also, take care to check your nocking point height after changing the brace height.

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    First question: how are you measuring BH? From the string to where? Common approaches are to the throat of the grip or to the button...

    Second question: how many twists are in the string?

    Third question: have you tried leaving the bow strung, to see how much it stretches in? A day or so should show a good bit of difference.

    Typically, a string should not be short enough to be over the BH range with no twists, even before stretching.
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    TBH I had considered some of these, but getting input from other more experienced people than myself is always good, so thank you all for that.

    To expand a little on the suggestions already given:

    1. new string - 'stretch-ability'? ... leaving the new string in-situ sounds like a good idea.
    Would 3 hours be sufficient?
    Should I think about a 12 strand string? ... less mass to stretch?

    Are all of the strings giving the same result - now that's a very good observation. Gonna try that tonight. Should have thought of it ... doh!.

    2. No twisting. Yes, again, I did think about that and I did untwist it back to no twists at all. Not much change.

    3. The bolts one is interesting.
    I guess that the only reason that you adjust these is for the Tiller adjustment then?
    There's quite a bit of play in these (ie they have a lot of screw movement - as in adjustment; not as in they wobble - lol) ... which is interesting.

    4. Measuring BH.
    I did this with a measuring t-square.... from the inside of the handle grip throat to the string. I believe that it the correct way to measure these things.

    Hope this all makes sense.

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    Some more measurements:
    1. Older 16: BH = 22.7; Tiller: top = 18.4; bottom = 17.8 (+0.6)
    2. Older 18: BH = 22.8; Tiller: top = 18.6; bottom = 17.9 (+0.7)

    3. new 16: BH = 25.2; Tiller: top = 21.0; bottom = 20.2 (+0.8)

    So I'm guessing that the tiller needs a little adjustment (as I think its supossed to be between +0.3 and +0.6)

    As to the string ... looks like it needs a bit of stretching :|

    Should I consider a 12 strand string?


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