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Thread: Brace Height Slipping

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    Brace Height Slipping

    Hi All

    My brace height keeps slipping whilst I shoot. Even after a few ends today it moved from 8 5/8" to 8 1/2" after just a few ends. Its a new string but I've had this happen a lot. Is this a common problem? Shooting recurve 38# short limbs. Apologies if this is a dumb question.


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    If things are all OK, the string should settle quickly and not change much after that. We used to put the bow across our knees. riser down and string on top. Then press down od each end of the limbs to stretch the string before we shot. That way the change was less obvious.
    A new string tends to have the strands loosely packed against each other, but after shooting, they pack in more tightly and that effectively lengthens the string. Once the packing tight has had time to settle, the string should keep its initial Brace height better.

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    I make our club strings and this is a constant issue as there is always a degree of stretch that occurs until they’ve been shot in for a while. Depending on the string material the amount of creep will vary but even Dacron strings have generally stabilised after about a dozen rounds.

    I was advised when I first bought my own kit to purchase a matched pair of strings and shoot them every other - that way they should stretch at the same rate and if something goes wrong in a competition the replacement will shoot exactly the same as the one that was removed without the worry it may stretch and throw off my sight marks.

    To speed up the settling in process you could string your bow at home and spend some time practising your draw each day and that will also help with your muscle memory development.

    I meant to do that - honest ! !

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    What is your string made of? If it is dacron, it will always stretch, and you should check and adjust every few ends. If it was supplied with your bow you might not be able to upgrade to one of the lower-stretch materials.
    If you have Fastflight, 8125, etc, it should stretch for the first few dozen then be pretty stable.
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