Hello dear community! I find old bow Hoyt Medalist TD3 in perfect condition, as new, no lacquer damages, and try to tune it, but see a problem - the bowstring groove is factory-made not in center of limbs, but about 2mm from center aside on lower limb and 1mm aside on upper limb. People shot such Hoyts in 80-years with more than 1300 in M1, and I wonder if its can be normal, that factory grooves are made not in center. If checking on plane table - spacings between table and bowstring are the same - 24mm from both sides and when turning on anoter side the same 24mm. Can such bow be used for normal sport activity or better to place it on wall as historical exhibit and collect money for modern one? Exists a budget problem because I live in Poland, where middle incomes are about 300$. I started now trainings anew after 20 years of absense because of job, I shot such bow in 1990 with 1200 pts on M1 and want to reach or improve my skills because now I have time and wish for it.