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Thread: Does air temparature have an affect??

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    Question Does air temparature have an affect??

    Dear fellow archers,

    Something I noticed quite recently is that when shooting at colder indoor venues, I seem to shoot very bad. So bad that the tape that holds my spin vanes in place catches on my pressure button, and in some cases the button will rip off a vane. At first I thought this was down to me having a poor release. However, I noticed at warmer venues, and shooting outdoors on a sunny day it doesn't happen at all....that is, until the sun starts to drop and the temperature falls. VERY frustrating!!
    Can air temperature have an affect on your equipment (limbs or string)? Has anyone experienced something similar?
    I'm using 36lb Samick Masters with a Reign custom made string.


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    From what I understand from firearms ballistics I would say yes It can make a difference, but this is normally at longer ranges. But I'm unsure it would at not the ranges that most of us would shoot at a range. I have seen a slight difference in my shooting indoors v outdoor but not quite as much of a difference as you are haveing. Are you sure it's not just some type of target panic etc.

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    A couple of years ago, being very bored one day, I put together an Excel table with my handicap scores for the year and the temperature of our club (using weather records found on the Web). There was an obvious correlation - my scores were slightly better when it was warmer.

    I'd put it down to my body performing better in the warm.

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    Some effects of adverse conditions (cold, wet, wind) can be psychological. Rain is a good one. People's shooting drops off far more than the conditions warrant, on average.
    So if you don't like the cold conditions, it could produce subtle changes (tension, mostly) in how you shoot. Especially if you expect it to have an effect (feedback).
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    Shooting in cold weather can make the draw hand sensitive to the string, in the sense that we feel uncomfortable around the draw fingers, and then we notice them more. A bad release is never a good thing and the more we notice what the string hand is doing, the worse things get.

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    @ Marcus37

    I don't think it's been due to target panic. The last few times it's happened I've only been shooting for fun and to work on my form, I wasn't really bothered about scoring or where my arrows were going (as long as they were hitting the boss and grouping ok). But at the start of a session on a nice evening I can be shooting really well, yet an hour later when the sun starts to go down and it starts to get a bit chilly it all goes to sh*t.

    It'll be interesting to see what happens as the weather gets warmer and warmer.


    I like the idea of recording the temperature each time I'm scoring. That'll certainly be in interesting experiment. I might just do that!


    Yes, could be that the cold is affecting me rather than the equipment. But as I've only took up archery a few months ago, obviously I've never experienced this before. I have considered the possibility that it's just me, but I wondered if expansion and contraction of the bow components in various temperatures could be a factor.
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