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Thread: How far do you turn your head?

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    How far do you turn your head?

    I have a problem that I tilt my head over to the right when I draw which leads to me finding it hard to anchor and get a decent string picture (I am a beginner of about 6 months experience).

    This morning I read somewhere (can't find it now) that when you set-up you should turn your head to the 10 o'clock position - I have been twisting my head much further than this - trying to get towards 9 o'clock - and I'm quite flexible so I can pretty much get there - but I notice now that when I do this... my head tilts!

    So, can anyone confirm how far you are meant to turn your head before drawing?

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    I'm fighting a similar problem. I find that I can stop tilting my head if I concentrate on standing erect (as if I were having my height measured) as I prepare to raise the bow.

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    Stand square, shrug shoulders and drop them to make sure not raised. Turn head owl-like to a comfortable angle and stay there during draw.

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    Be aware that you don't have to turn your head so that your face is square on the the target before you get a good view of what you're aiming at as your eyes will turn too to do the rest!
    Straining to see the target is just setting up more tension in the neck which translates down to the shoulders and arms and then goes on to screw up the shot completely.
    Stay relaxed and if you can see the target then you've done enough.
    Keep the head straight and level, Don't be tempted to twist at the waist to turn the shoulders, and let your eyes do what they're good at without killing yourself to get the shot!
    You may have to Review your reference point, but once done, your results will be better without all that extra tension.
    "there is no escaping inevitability"

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    This is a favorite topic of mine. Any archer that looks at the target out of the corner of the eye is most likely short-sheeting his bed. ? OK, try this. Keep facing these words on the screen (and notice you are facing the words with no head tilt, ergo, that with intent comes a subconscious directness in head positioning), but move only your eyes to your target side as far as you can without moving your head. Do you feel "twinges" in the side of your neck away from the target? Maybe a funny feeling in the back of the ear? How can this motion of the eyeball (which is completely isolated in the orbit) cause such sensations in a completely different place? It's neurological!
    The short of it is, if you tilt your head, if you fail to rotate your head enough to keep your eyes away from the corners of your sockets(orbits) then you are shooting with less strength than you otherwise would have. It may not be significant to your game but likely it is affecting your ability to control your bow to some adverse amount. A slight degree of tilt is not as clinically significant as a failure to rotate the head to the target, by the way, but rarely in *any* physical endeavor will you purposely take your optical sensory hardware off of "level" since it is attuned to your inner ears' input to the brain. Ever seen a springboard or platform diver purposely tilt the head prior to initiating a dive?
    I coach the athlete to increase their range of motion TO the target - it is fundamental to the Kisik Lee NTS method because it is biomechanically the smart thing to do. I blather on at greater length on this topic on the TSAA Coaching Corner blog. Have a go at it and please let me know if it leaves you with questions?
    An atypical archery coach

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