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Thread: Shifting nocking point

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    Shifting nocking point

    Can you please help me to understand if it's normal that the nocking point shifts slightly during shooting?
    I check regularly (admirably not every shoot) my nocking point height and I noticed it keeps shifting up. It's not much, about 1/8" every about 300-400 shots, but it certainly does not help scores. I use a pair of tied-on nocking points on a string which I don't make but it's from a very reputable British stringmaker (it's a 16strands 8125G string).
    The nocking points do not slide on the serving, it's rather the serving which is moving up.
    Does it sound like some flaw in my technique?

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    It's unlikely the serving is moving, I'd assume the string is stretching and lowering your brace height

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    Is the brace height and tiller also changing?

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    If they are not then the serving is moving which is more likely. get the centre serving redone and make sure they get off as much wax from the string in the area where the serving is.
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    When you say the serving is moving, can you clarify that ,please?
    What I have found, when nocking points move, is the serving above the nocking point becomes compressed, and the serving below starts to get spread out letting the string show through.
    When that is the case, it means the serving was done loosely, in the sense that each winding was not pressed up close to the previous wind or wrap.
    When each winding is pressed tightly against the previous one, there is no room for further compressions. And a whole serving of 6" or more isn't going to slide up the string.
    Another reason can be that the length of serving above the nocking point is very short so there isn't much to hold it in place.

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    My worries would be that a tiller bolt was shifting, or a limb slowly giving way (though that tends to be less, gradual). A very slight movement in a tiller bolt, tightening at the top, or loosening at the bottom, would shift the np.
    What are the chances of the whole serving shifting? I've seen serving shift and it doesn't tend to go in one piece. You end up with gaps.

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